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Green Supply Chain Management – A more Sustainable Supply Chain

Since the last few decades, environmental issues have been increasing drastically and traveling faster than a forest fire, from a different country to region, then region to world-level territory, which is considered a serious cause of climate change and global warming.  Apart from that, scarcity of natural resources, wealth, and increasing air and water pollution

Supply Analysis – A Detailed Guide

What is supply?  Supply of a commodity refers to the various quantities of the commodity that a seller is willing and able to sell at a different price in a given market, at a particular point, by remaining other things constant.  An aspect of supply management which needs attention is that supply is related to

Is moonlighting ethical or not?

Moonlighting has become one of the hot topics in the gig economy these days. The concept of moonlighting has seen a tremendous rise, especially amidst this work-from-home model or remote working culture after the covid pandemic.  There is always a lot of debate among people regarding the legitimacy of moonlighting in employment sectors. While some