How Covid19 has changed the Concept of Discretionary and Essentials


It was found by a survey on top development country in the world “how the COVID-19 outbreak has affected their consumer plans for discretionary spending—and which shifts could be part of the next”

Discretionary Expenses

Consumers are adequately reducing most discretionary spending, which has a deeply bad impact on some industries, such as restaurants, dress, footwear, car, mobile, travel and entertainment industries.

Most of the consumers are under stay-at-home orders around the nation, and simultaneously they are reduced spending on other products which are not related to highly needed categories. Economists also noticed that shopping habits of consumers before, during and after the COVID-19 peak indicate that spending in a number of categories remains low for  these months or possibly even longer.

With that a good impact on online shopping and it has increased as compared to last month or years, especially for groceries. The consumers who never buy product through online and they are frequently purchasing their groceries and many will likely continue to buy their product through online, at least as long as the pandemic continues.

Consumer behavior also changed in terms of stockpiling in few countries like America. More than 85% of American did not store more food and household products in an amount necessary to overcome even short supply shortages. But the opposite situation happens in most of the Asian countries like China and India.

Consumers are adequately reducing most discretionary spending

How are consumers prioritizing their spending?

 Consumers all over the globe are still spending normally– and also spending more sometimes – on staples such as food, household supplies and personal care items, and also people are showing their interest in home entertainment. As noted, online shopping has drastically increased with regard to grocery and household products, but that growth in online sales has not come close to offsetting the overall reduction in consumer spending. In terms of service, delivery obviously has seen increased demand, and some parts of the takeout food sector are cautiously optimistic.

How are consumers prioritizing their spending


The pandemic has created the biggest health crisis from the last few months. Addressing this crisis we need more precautions and requires medical measures aimed at preventing and containing the virus. Be health conscious and stay positive.

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